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Points Clés

Point CléDescription
Livre en tissu doux noir et blanc pour bébésStimule le développement visuel des bébés avec ses motifs contrastés.
Jouets sensoriels à contraste élevéAide à développer le cerveau et la coordination main-œil des bébés.
Éducation précoceContribue à renforcer les muscles des bras et des jambes des bébés pour préparer à la position à quatre pattes.
Activité sensorielle pour tout-petitsAide au développement de la concentration et de l’attention des bébés.

About this item

Develop Baby Visual Ability

Babies 0-3 months have blurred vision, and gradually increased on 3 months, they can distinguish high contrast black and white. Our black and white high contrast baby book can effectively stimulate baby’s retina and optic nerve, and stimulate baby’s brain development at the same time.

Baby Early Educational Toys

Tummy time mat play helps strengthen baby’s arm and leg muscles to prepare for crawling. Our high contrast baby toys can also develop the brain and enhance hand-eye coordination and give babies a head start on learning.

Interesting Tummy Time Toys

This double-sided design of the cloth book has different patterns. The black and white baby sensory book will aid visual development of baby and also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and concentration, and can encourage baby to explore and gives baby endless fun.

Parent Assured & 100% Safe

The black and white baby soft book is made of non-toxic, fabric material, durable and has firm stitches. Hand Washable, no sharp edges, skin friendly, color won’t be faded and not easy to be destroyed.

Best Gifts for Baby Boys and Girls

The baby cloth book focuses on helping newborns stimulate their vision development and brain development. Our infant book would be the perfect gift for your baby as Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Newborn gift, Thanksgiving gift, New Year gift, Baby Shower Party gift.

What Do Customers Think?

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Our Opinion

We believe that the soft black and white fabric book for babies is a great tool to stimulate their visual development. The high contrast patterns will capture their attention and help them develop their ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, the book is made of non-toxic and durable materials, ensuring the safety of the baby. It also makes for a perfect gift for various occasions.


Q: What age range is this book suitable for?

A: This book is suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months and beyond.

Q: Is the book washable?

A: Yes, the book is hand washable.